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At Zombie Run, we've been putting on great events since 2012!  Here are a few things our attendees have said:
"I found out about the run from my boss. She said she loved it and I had to try it out for myself. It was well worth it. I had a great time!"
"Great fun and would definitely make the trip annually"
"It brought my favorite movies with zombie apocalypses to life and was one of the funnest things I went to!"
"Loved it!!!"
"Overall, I loved the race and definitely would do it again if it's done at this location again. I've already invited people to go and maybe will be a zombie in addition to running it next time. :) I heard about the race from my sister."
"I just stumbled across it one evening and got a friend to sign up with me had a blast"
"Found out through facebook. LOVED IT!! Will go again next year. All other 5ks will seem dull after the Zombie Run."
"We had a wonderful time. The run actually tested our limits in a good way for sure!! We can't wait for next year's."
"Everyone from runners to zombies were there to have a great time. Great group of people one of the most enjoyable races I have done. Don't have to worry about time and pace. The guardian center was amazing. Great place, who know that was there in Perry.
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