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Zombie Run has the privilege of presenting our event at Fort McPherson, Atlanta, GA - Filming location for "The Kingdom".

-Important notes about this event-

  • Fort Mac is a historic landmark and has never been used for an event such as this.  We intend to respect the history, community, and neighborhood with this event.

  • Parking on-site will be extremely limited and subject to a $10/vehicle fee.  We will identify free parking and communicate that prior to the event.  Two MARTA stations serve Ft. McPherson.

  • We intend to create as close to a 5km course as possible- may be longer or shorter. Multiple (free) laps allowed.

  • We intend to utilize as many buildings/features as safely possible with respect to the historical nature of the venue.

  • We will respect the community and not cause undue traffic concerns.  This means that we will limit registration- we are likely to sell out.

Fort McPherson has been used by the military since 1835.  During WWI the Fort was an internment camp for German POW's and served as an officer training facility.  During WWII the greatest generation processed hundreds of thousands of troops for entry into the service and served as a major hospital and rehabilitation center.  The Fort saw major operations during the Persian Gulf wars and was pressed into service after 9/11 as "the Pentagon of the South".  

The Fort was closed in 2011 and recently part of the property has been sold to Tyler Perry Studios, while the remainder is under the control of the McPherson Planning Local Redevelopment Authority (MPLRA).  The LRA is re-introducing the Fort to the general public with events such as ours.  

Zombie Run Atlanta, GA 4/29/2017



Fort McPherson

1788 Hardee Ave SW,

Atlanta, GA 30330 

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Filming Location

"The Kingdom" 

The Walking Dead

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