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Zombie Short Films you can watch online

"Cargo": This short is the wordless story of a survivor and his baby daughter. It lunges at, and takes a bite out of, your heart with a well-crafted seven minutes of grasping zombies wrapped around a deep emotional core. If you thought you would never cry over a zombie movie, this might change your mind.

Teller, the silent partner from the Penn & Teller magic act, has turned out a couple of zombie shorts. The first, "& Teller," gives you the double pleasure of seeing zombies and hearing Teller speak.

"Too Late": In just two minutes, this film manages to gross you out and then completely turn your expectations around.

"Spoiler" takes place in a post-zombie-apocalypse world where the threat of infection still lingers. The stakes are high and the tension ratchets up as a coroner is called in to evaluate a possible outbreak.

"Zombies and Cigarettes" gives a nod to George Romero's legendary "Dawn of the Dead" by placing the action in a shopping mall. It's also a hard-luck story of a young man trying to impress his crush while zombies attack from all sides.

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