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Volunteer Information

We are excited you are looking for more information about volunteering at Zombie Run!  


We have fantastic opportunities for groups, teams and individuals!


We are especially interested in working with volunteer groups of 5 people or more.  We offer a fantastic and easy fund-raiser!  Here is how it works; a group wishes to raise money for a cause and signs up to volunteer at Zombie Run.  They provide us with a contact name and list of individuals with emails before the event.  The group arrives at the event at 7:30 am and are assigned a position, either at the check-in tent, on the course, or in the festival area.  At the end of the shift (around 12:30 pm) The group receives a check for $50 for each indivdual.  Have a group of 10? Earn a quick $500 by volunteering at Zombie Run!


We love working with individuals as well and also offer $10/per hour paid either directly to the individual or to our Charity Partner-your choice.


Please note that our business depends on folks that commit to showing up to actually show up.  We may require up to a $50 deposit to reduce the number of no-shows.  While we do have the opportunity for individual volunteers to run in the last wave of the day in lieu of payment, we do not have any opportunities to be Zombies and volunteer.  


Still interested?  Sign up to volunteer here!  Volunteer for Zombie Run

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