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The Zombies



Our undead chasers will be transformed at our Zombie Transformation Center (ZTC). They’ll do whatever it takes to chase you down and grab your health flags. Our zombies will be fed right before the race, but please remember:


Zombies will not physically contact any runner other than in attempt to pull a health flag.
Direct physical contact (pulling, grabbing, pushing, striking, etc.) between zombies and runners will not be permitted.

Do not taunt the zombies with your brains– that’s just plain mean.



Direct and intentional physical contact with any runner is strictly prohibited.  All of those in violation of this rule will be escorted off of the grounds without a refund.  Those in violation may also be prosecuted depending on the severity of the act.

You are to never grab more than one flag from a runner.

You are never to grab a flag from a runner if they are waiting to complete an obstacle or while on/in an obstacle.

You must obey your zombie group leader at all times.  Trust them, they will lead you to a glorious undead victory.

Stumbler zombies are never to run and chase down a runner.

Chaser zombies must run and chase runners during their shift.  We understand you will need time to rest but we don’t want you standing around your entire shift either.

A zombie must complete his/her shift in order to receive the zombie perks.  This includes signing in when you arrive and signing out when you are finished your shift.

Any visibly intoxicated zombies will not be allowed to participate and will not receive any of the zombie perks.

All zombies must be 13 years of age or older by race day in order to participate


Be sure to “Like” our Zombie Facebook page for insider zombie information and announcements for each location.

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